The concept and performance artist Amy J. Klement (born in 1968 in NJ, USA, based in Berlin, Germany, since 1997) has exhibited sculptures, videos, and photographs in Berlin and the United States and presented solo performances as well as collaborative performances with the OpenSpace Performunion at festivals and events in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia since 2000. In 2005, she founded the “‘Kraft durch Häkeln’ (Strength thru Crochet) Anarchic Crochet Circle,” which went on to initiate various large-format, cooperative, crochet-based social sculptures in open space. She opened the artspace “Im Grünen Bereich” (in cooperation with the artist Frédéric Krauke) in Berlin in 2018. It has since then hosted various international artists and presented exhibitions and performances.


2021 International Multimedial Arts Festival (IMAF), online edition
Is less more? Or is more less?—Sudeten Festival of Naked Forms, Kyjov, Czech Republic
2019 Compacting: Art Doesn’t Last, Life Doesn’t Last, It Doesn’t Matter—Im Grünen Bereich Artspace, 48 Std. Neukölln, Berlin
Compacting the Trash of the World—with music by Zam Johnson, Ungemütlich VI, Forum Factory, Berlin
Taking a Line for a Walk—a performative reading with Anais Poulet (dance), Leander Reckhausen, and Marion Ruault (music), Toolbox Gallery, Berlin
2018 Manipulation—with the Open Space Performunion, MyFest, Berlin
Taking a Line for a Walk, Performing Arts Festival, Berlin
Self-Mortification—When Is Enough Enough?, Festival of Naked Forms, Prague
2017 Mortification—When Is Enough Enough?—with sounds by Lars Crosby, Ungemütlich V, Willner Brauerei, Berlin
  American Spirit—Burn It Up! III—with sounds by Zam Johnson, PAF 2017, Ventilator Projektraum, Berlin
  Burn It Up! II—with sounds by Lars Crosby, ‘Fear-Less’—18th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Berlin
Trumpsexit—with the OpenSpace Performunion, MyFest 2017, Büllenwinkel, Berlin
2015 Taking a Line for a Walk . . . , Augsburg Peace Festival, Augsburg
  The Isminator—Soma Gallery, part of the Month of Performance Art, Berlin
2014 The Funneling—Olobianco Performance Festival, Magdeburg
  The Lettuce Eater—‘De Nada’—17th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Ibiza, Spain
  Taking a Line for a Walk—‘1, 2, 3’ event, Month of Performance Art, Berlin, and as part of the Survival International Performance Festival, Berlin
  World Redesign—with Michael Steger, opening of the 1st annual week of Workshops with International Artists, Philippine High School of the Arts, Mount Makiling, Los Baños, the Philippines
 2013 The Funneling II: Flags—with sounds by Christian Ogrinz, KEAF—Korean Experimental Arts Festival, Seoul, South Korea
  Backstube—Brotzeitgeschichten—a baking intervention, Konstapoteket, Hökarängen, Sweden
  The First Cut Is . . . —with Christoph N. Fuhrer, Lars Crosby, and Heike Kujus, CUT International Performance Festival, Berlin
Living Bauhaus—with the OpenSpace Performunion, MyFest 2013, and the East Side Gallery, Berlin 
Collective Invention—sounds Lady 4 Jane, ‘Love Loopers’ performance evening, Loophole, Berlin
2012 (F)Light and Naked Kitchen—with the OpenSpace Performunion, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn
Typewriter II—with Christoph N. Fuhrer, ‘Love Loopers’ performance evening, Loophole, Berlin
Die Lorelei—‚Kanaldisko‘ intervention, with Tom Albrecht, 48 Std. Neukölln, Berlin
F(L)IGHT, Naked Kitchen, and Zucker und Peitsche (with Michael Steger)—Escape International Performance Festival, Supamolly and BLO-Ateliers, Berlin
Guerilla Art Parade and Guerilla Performance—group performances directed by Kim Baek-Ki (Korea), BLO-Ateliers and the streets of Berlin
2011 Typewriter I—Row, Row, Row Your Boat—’Performancetage‘ at Café Stadler, Berlin
The Mathematical and Performative Aspects of Crochet—performance lecture, University of New Mexico, Las Cruces
Die Eintrichterung / The Funneling—Hunger International Performance Festival, Berlin
2010  The Isminator—with sounds by Zam Johnson, Diverse Universe Festival, Berlin
Make Your Mark—potato-printing intervention with Rudina the pig, Literaturherbst, Pfullendorf, Germany
2009 A Dress Full of Color and Joy for the Trümmerfrauen-Denkmal—with the OpenSpace Performunion, 48 Std. Neukölln, Hasenheide Park, Berlin-Neukölln; selected as one of the 10 highlights of the festival
2008 The Ejaculator—with sounds by Zam Johnson, concurrent with the exhibition Spermaflut, Lid Schaufenstergalerie, Berlin, and Sperm Project, El Escaparate, Barcelona 
2007 A Sperm Is Born—December 24th, King Kong Klub, Berlin
An Advent of Sperm—Galerie Frei Ruum, Berlin
Prime Subtraction and American Spirit—Burn It Up! I (with Ornicart)—15th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Innsbruck, Austria
The Fibonacci Numbers of Sperm—Open Space Festival of Free Arts, Berlin
2006 Body Bag Piñata—13th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Sacramento, California, USA
How many sperm can a woman produce in 24 hours?—a multi-media performance of crochet and patience, and A Baptism of Sperm—Viva Performance Festival, Montreal, Canada
Das Menetekel—concurrent with the solo exhibition Chaos Kreist, Schillerpalais, Berlin
2005 Traces of Identity III—Traces of Neukölln, Kunstnacht in Kindl Boulevard, Berlin
Traces of Identity II—Traces of Münster and Management of Internal Controls—12th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Münster
Baggage of the Body, Metamorphosis, and Mine—Diverse Universe, Estonia and Finland
Traces of Identity I—Traces of My Identity—‘Ich Schiller mir ein Denkmal,’ Schiller Palais, Berlin
2004 There Be Mermaids—What for?—11th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Open Space, Berlin
2003 Metamorphosis of Leda—9th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Open Space, Berlin
A Tale of Love—told to sounds by Lady 4 Jane, ‘The Power of Love—Infochill,’ Michaelkirche, Berlin
2002 Caught in the Web—Crocheted Dolls & Fairytales, 8th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Berlin
This Fragile Shell—a globe crocheted in 3 days, 7th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Paris
A Seminal Monument—performance sculpting, MauerStripFest am Engeldamm, Berlin
RestCycling Festival—performance sculpting, RAW Tempel, Berlin
2001 A Cosmos from the Chaos—Crocheting, Baking & Fairytales, 6th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Schloss Bröllin,
2000 Head—performance sculpting, 5th SoToDo Performance Art Congress, Schloss Bröllin
Tree-Of-Life—performance sculpting, Open Space MauerStripFest, Engeldamm, Berlin

Crochet Interventions

2014 ‘Water’ for a Dry Fountain—‘Gropiusstadt Strickt und Häkelt,’ a collaborative knitting and crochet intervention in public space, part of ‘Gropiusstadt Bewegt Sich,’ Berlin-Neukölln
2013 A Tribute to the Women Water Carriers of Jeju Island, KEAF—Korean Experimental Arts Festival, Jeju Island, South Korea
2011 A Coat of Divide for Abraham Lincoln—crochet intervention, Lincoln Memorial, Louisville, Kentucky, Lex Lac Lou Performance Art Congress, Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky
2010 Soft Stones—a crochet intervention with Berliner cobblestones, begun at MyFest 2010, Berlin
2009 A Dress Full of Color and Joy for the Trümmerfrauen Denkmal—a six-month-long collaborative crochet intervention in public space in Berlin, including the 23h Anarchic Crochet Circle at Kunstraum Art-Uhr
2007 A Sperm a Day—a yearlong crochet intervention in public space from January 1 to December 31
Dressing Matka Polkaa collaborative crochet intervention in public space with the women of Ratiborz and the OpenSpace Performunion, Racibórz Festival of Arts, Raciborz, Poland 
2005 Birth of the Anarchic Crochet Circle—an ongoing collaborative crochet intervention in public space


Exhibitions / Installations

DOTS . . ., pop-up solo exhibition at Käse Lager, Berlin-Neukölln
2020 Fabric of Memory Project: Lee Mingwei: Gifts and Rituals, Gropius Bau, Berlin
2018 Ungemütlich VI—group exhibition and performance event, Forum Factory, Berlin
2017 Fensterflügel—group exhibition, Ventilator Projektraum, Berlin
Ungemütlich V—group exhibition and performance event, Willner Brauerei Berlin
2014 Spinning—Animal / Homme residency, Bouffanges, Creuse, France
Hysteria—group exhibition, Soma Gallery, Berlin
Rund und Bunt—group exhibition, Westwerk, Hamburg
2011 Spermatopia, ‘Café Schönstedt,’ Gefängnis (prison) Neukölln, 48 Std. Neukölln, Berlin
2010 Pr(a)egnant—solo exhibition, Galerie Frei Ruum, Berlin
2008 Threading Trends—group exhibition, Alte Post, Berlin
Sperm Project—El Escaparate, Barcelona
Spermaflut—solo exhibition, Lid Schaufenstergalerie, Berlin
2007 Giant Sperm—Open Space Festival of Free Arts, Berlin
2006 ChaosKreist—solo exhibition, Schillerpalais, Berlin
Textil-Kunst Berlin, group exhibition, Max-Taut-Schule, Berlin
2005 The Platonic Forms—installation with music by Lady 4 Jane, TekTek, Berlin
There Be Mermaids—video installation with live music by Antonello Marafioti, Maybachüfer, Nacht & Nebel Neukölln, Berlin 
2004 International Assemblage Art Exhibition—Gallery24, Berlin
2003 Paradise—M.A.I.S. exhibition, bunker under Alexanderplatz, Berlin
International Assemblage Art Exhibition—Gallery24, Berlin
Fashion in Art / Art in Fashion—Galerie Berliner Kunst, Berlin
Sicherheit 03—Galerie Pozzo Pozozza, Berlin
2002 Schöner November—group show, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
Künstler Helfen Kinder—group show, Emporium am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin
2001 Group show—Movin‘ Art Gallery, Berlin 
Art Event III—Galerie Widder & Klafki, Berlin
2000 BUGS—solo exhibition, Open Space, Berlin
1999 WIRED—solo exhibition, Open Space, Berlin
1998 Magic Garden—group show, curator Michael Steger, Stiftung Starke, Berlin
1995 Group show—Common Boundaries Gallery, Jersey City, NJ
1994 Group show—Tribes Gallery, New York, NY
1992 Finding Common Ground in NY—group show, State University of New York, New York City