How Many Sperm Can a Woman Produce in 24 Hours?—A multi-media performance of crochet and patience
Viva Performance Festival, Montreal, Canada, 2006

Though the question of a woman producing sperm might seem ridiculous, it isn’t. As a result of various environmental factors, men in developed countries are producing fewer and fewer viable sperm. What will happen if men produce hardly any viable sperm at all? Scientists are consequently currently hard at work to find a way to produce viable sperm from stem cells. This leads to the question of whether women might really be able to ‚produce‘ sperm at some future date.

Sperm Baptism
Viva Performance Festival, Montreal, Canada, 2006

Simply producing those 13 sperm in the show window over the 24 hours, however, somehow still felt incomplete. What would happen to the sperm next? Were they destined for a life of anonymity? No!

There was little difficulty in finding 13 men to volunteer as sperm godfathers. And the 13 came and selected their sperm of choice, and argued the question of how sperm should be carried and presented for the ritual.

The men entered and took their places to the song ‘Every Sperm is Sacred…’ After repeating the ritual for each of the sperm: ‘In the name of life, the holy and the precious, I baptize you…’ I took my place for the consummation of the ritual and uttered the words: ‘Ready? Aim! Ejaculate!’ 

Photos: Kim Everett

The Sperm Catcher Of Berlin—A Modern-Day Fairytale
Alt-Treptow, Berlin, September 2006